David Cronenberg’s As She Climbed Across The Table Gets A Writer

A while back, it was revealed that director David Cronenberg would be making his way through his slate, which would include an adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s novel As She Climbed Across The Table.   However, the trail on that project had went cold for some time.   But now, it’s gotten and oddly intriguing shot right into the arm.

Deadline is reporting that writer Bruce Wagner, best known for films like A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and episodes of Tracey Ullman’s State Of The Union, will be penning the film.   Cronenberg and Wagner have worked together before, with the former producing the latter’s directorial debut I’m Losing You, and while Wagner does have a spotty CV, there is something oddly interesting about that fact.

The film follows a physicist whose relationships begin to fail due to a growing obsession with The Lack, a vacuum that was created by the group of scientists in their lab.   The premise itself sounds insanely Cronenbergian, as the blending of science and obsession is right in his wheel house.   It goes without saying that Cronenberg is one of the film world’s most interesting directors, and this is a project that’s almost conceived out of his own mind instead of a novel. What do you think?

Source Deadline

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  • Bruce Wagner was a VERY hot novelist back in the 90s with his Hollywood fable Force Majeure.  His career never took off in a mainstream way, but he is an incredible talent. Good to see him getting a great project again.

  • I think that Bruce Wagner is about the best living novelist. I’M LOSING YOU was a terrific novel.
    Wagner has also worked extensively on a screenplay called MAPS OF THE STARS for Cronenberg. This ( or LONDON FIELDS) was supposed to be filmed after A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. I’m not sure how EASTERN PROMISES came about instead, but both of those projects were shelved.
    Wagner also wrote the screenplay for Paul Bartel’s best comedy SCENES FROM THE CLASS STRUGGLE IN BEVERLY HILLS.

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