Fallon’s Tonight Show Features Intro Directed By Spike Lee


Last night, late night host Jimmy Fallon took over the reins of The Tonight Show in studio 6B at Rockefeller Center in New York—the first time in forty-plus years it’s been broadcast from the Big Apple. The show went pretty well for a first run, with Jimmy welcoming guests like Will Smith, U2, and a whole slew of people who bet him a hundred bucks he would never ever host The Tonight Show.

But the whole shebang began with a new title sequence directed by the prototypical New Yorker, the one-and-only Mr. Spike Lee.

Check out the sequence from the Do the Right Thing director below along with the entire premier episode! Be sure to tune into the new Tonight Show weeknights at 11:35EST, and stay tuned here for info on Lee’s upcoming Kickstarter-funded film Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.

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