Steven Soderbergh’s Full Frontal Now Available On Netflix Watch Instantly. Soderbergh’s Knockout, Now Titled Haywire, Gets Early Test Screening

When I think of things that make me happy to write about, very few things beat out what I’m about to tell you all.

Thanks to Netflix, one can now watch Steven (Schizopolis, Traffic, Che) Soderbergh’s ‘karmic sequel’ to his masterpiece debut, Sex, Lies And Videotape, a film that Julia Roberts calls her ‘little nudie flick,’ a polarizing piece of cinema known as Full Frontal.

Not one of my favorite Soderbergh films, it is one hell of a film, and one that should be seen by as many people as humanly possible. Shot digitally for only $2 million, the film stars David Duchovny, Julia Roberts, Catherine Keener, David Hyde Pierce, Blair Underwood, Brad Pitt, Rainn Wilson, Rashida Jones, and even David Fincher, and is best described as a film about the day in the life of a collective of people in Hollywood, prior to a birthday.

The film is similar to that of say, Bubble, and has seemingly gotten just as polarizing a response. ‘By far, the worst movie I’ve ever seen,’ says one Netflix reviewer, and another calls it ‘aimless, pointless, confusing,’ and even ‘boring.’ This film is definitely not for everyone, but for those who give themselves over to it, you won’t be sorry. Not Soderbergh’s strongest, but it’s far better than 90% of what you’ll see these days, so check it out!

In other Soderbergh related news, Bloody Elbow is reporting that not only has his next film, Knockout, an action thriller starring MMA champ Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Michael Fassbender and Channing Tatum, gotten a new name, Haywire, but after a research screening, the film seems to be receiving rather good reviews.

The Bloody Elbow source says that Carano is solid here, in what seems to be a similar film to last year’s The Girlfriend Experience, and the film really shines in the well choreographed action sequences. Personally, I was going into this thing with massively high expectations, and this definitely makes me think that those may not have been high enough. I love Soderbergh as a filmmaker, and with this superb cast and story, I can’t see this thing failing at all. Or at least I hope not.

Source: Netflix / Bloody Elbow

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  • I was at that HAYWIRE test screening, and I can tell you that word of mouth coming out of the theater was VERY negative. Personally, I found the action sequences to be fantastic, but the rest of the movie was not all that great. And while Carano is wonderful as an action star, she is the female Channing Tatum. She looks good on screen, but can't act to save her life. I'd lower those expectations if I were you.

    On a more positive note, Fassbender was incredible.