Gwyenth Paltrow To Star In Marlene Dietrich Biopic

The French site Tele2Semaines (via Collider) is reporting that Europacorp TV, BBC and HBO are teaming up for a new, two-part biopic on the life of the legendary German actress, Marlene Dietrich.   The outlet even goes as far as to say that actress Gwyneth Paltrow has signed up to play the iconic thespian.

Simply titled Marlene, the two films will roughly run about 90 minutes apiece, and will look at the overall life of the actress.   Dietrich is best known for her run with director Josef Von Sternberg (bringing us such great films as The Scarlett Empress and The Devil Is A Woman), but also teamed with such iconic filmmakers as Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder.   Toss in a long running singing career, and you have a career that is still hard to find a comparison for.   Simply put, she is an acting icon of the highest grade, and lived a life definitely worth adapting for the screen.

However, I can’t help but be a bit cold about this news.   While this doesn’t seem to be the final say, I don’t think Paltrow ‘“ a fine actress for sure ‘“ is quite the right fit for this role.   This seems like an odd fit, for a project that has the makings of something truly special.   Dietrich is a tough woman to truly cast, but it can be done.   I just don’t think Paltrow is that right woman.

Who do you think should play Dietrich in a biopic?

Source: Tele2Semaines/Collider

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