Hitchcock Films Receiving New Scores In Honor Of 2012 Olympics

While Alfred Hitchcock and The Olympics may not scream loving partnership, apparently that’s exactly what will be occurring in honor of the 2012 London Olympics.

According to Digital Spy, a collection of Hitchcock films will receive new scores in honor of the 2012 Olympiad.   The scores will be composed by Nitin Sawhney, Tansy Davies and Daniel Cohen, and will be featured on the films The Lodger, The Pleasure Garden, and a film that has yet to be revealed.

The films are the culmination of the Culture Olympiad that will also feature a retrospective of Hitchcock’s silent films.   The retrospective will include nine newly restored silent films from the late auteur.

Having seen The Lodger, I can definitely say that the films in question here are in need of a new series of scores, and could really use them to great avail.   The Lodger is a fine film, as are many of Hitchcock’s silent features.   They aren’t his strongest films, but they more than hint at the man and the auteur that was to come.

What do you think?

Source Digital Spy

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  • I love Hitchcock and I’m happy to see him get any attention whatsoever. And these silent films are in need of new scores (and some restoration in general). But when Criterion Cast tweeted this bit of news, I laughed out loud. I can think of very few people who are less athletic, less Olympian than the very round Alfred J. Hitchcock. Hilarious!

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