Hulu To Launch Subscription Option?

Hulu is planning on rolling out a subscription based service, something we at the Criterion Cast had talk about months ago on our very own podcast. The Los Angeles Times has confirmed that Hulu plans to begin testing a $9.95 subscription service, called Hulu Plus, as soon as May 24th, 2010.

Of course the site will continue to provide free service of television shows from ABC, NBC, FOX and other providers, but it is unclear if the paid subscription will be commercial free, which some have asked for from the get go.

It is also not clear as to how many episodes of certain series will be up on the site at any given time. Hulu tends to have the last few episodes of a series up on the site at any given time, but promptly takes down older episodes to make room for newer ones. A Hulu representative has said with the paid service that ‘a more comprehensive selection’ would be had on the site.

What do all of you think about this news about Hulu’s paid subscription service? Is it the nature of the beast? Did we all take for granted Hulu’s free service for too long? Please comment and let’s keep the discussion going.

Source: LA Times