Jean Luc Godard’s Histoire(s) Du Cinema Hitting DVD Stateside For The First Time Through Olive Films

Throughout his career, director Jean Luc Godard has made a living from using his work as commentary, looking at the medium in which he lives.   Be it the sly genre trappings he plays with in something like A Woman Is A Woman, or the footage cribbed for films like Le Gai Savoir, the man is a filmmaker truly unlike any other.

And now, one of his much beloved, and yet most difficult projects to track down, will finally be hitting DVD stateside, in what truly is a home entertainment coup for little up and comer Olive Films.

The company will release Godard’s Histoire(s) Du Cinema on DVD come December 6.   The project is an eight-part series of pieces from the director, and has become one of the most beloved pieces of the director’s latest portion of his career. Using archival footage and some freshly minted shots, Godard comments on the history of cinema, while also touching on various things within it.   I have only seen snippets of the film through various means, so as a huge Godard fan (he is one of, if not my very favorite filmmaker), this is a revelatory bit of news.

They also announced that they will be release the much hyped Japanese film, Love Exposure, as well as Fassbinder’s Despair on Blu-ray no less! Color this kid massively excited.

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Joshua Brunsting

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