Lionsgate Acquires The Rights To Distribute Francis Ford Coppola Releases, Including A New Edition Of Apocalypse Now

Along with re-releasing older films in the ever growing library known as The Studio Canal Collection (which includes several previous Criterion films, now out of print), The Wrap is reporting that Lionsgate has a new card up their DVD/Blu-ray distribution sleeve.

The outlet is reporting that the distributor is set to release many of the films from the canon of Francis Ford Coppola, including films like The Conversation, and Apocalypse Now (containing both versions of the film) on both DVD and Blu-ray, as well as through video-on-demand and broadcast television, as port of a new agreement announced on Monday.

Apparently the first part of the deal was Lionsgate’s release of Coppola’s last film, Tetro, and will see its next release be a new release of Apocalypse Now, which will be in high definition for the first time in its history, and will even feature a new transfer, over seen by Coppola himself. The Apocalypse Now release will include: “Apocalypse Now – The 1979 Cut‘ and ‘Apocalypse Now Redux“. The only titles they will not be releasing are the Goldfather Trilogy, which have already seen recent restorations on Blu-ray and DVD. Coppola’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula was once available on Criterion Laserdisc, but was not mentioned in the story. It also has had a directors cut released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Personally, while I would rather see these films, as I would any film, released through Criterion, and the transfers of Lionsgate’s Studio Canal releases haven’t been the best, I do have hope for this set, particularly knowing Coppola will have his hands on it. That could be a saving grace for a company that isn’t quite the king of DVD releases, particularly of older films.

Source: The Wrap

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  • I think that in this case, we have nothing to fear as far as quality control is concerned. Coppola has his own post-production / restoration house, ZAP (Zoetrope Aubry Productions), and they did a top-notch job on the recent Godfather reissues. I just wish he'd restore Apocalypse Now to its proper Techniscope aspect ratio — now that we are in the HDTV era with its 16×9 screens, there's really no excuse.

  • Apocalypse Now really needs to be experienced in it's original theatrical aspect ratio so let's hope the artistic decision by the filmmakers this time is in favor of this. This title in BluRay and with the original aspect ratio (and that history making 5.1 surround sound mix) will look great on my projector and have the neighbors taking cover from the sound of the Ride of the Valkyries. A nice extra would be the original apocalyptic end titles and music as seen on the 35mm scope release prints in '79 – a great piece of cinema all by itself.

  • Holy smokes! The press release states that both versions of Apocalypse Now will be making their Blu-Ray debut in their correct 2.35 aspect ratio for the first time on home video EVER! Imagine — people whose only exposure to this masterpiece has been on DVD will now have the opportunity to see the entire frame for the first time in their lives.

    Boy, this and the remastered John Lennon CDs are going to make this a very expensive October. Lucky for me my birthday is in the same month! :)

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