Martin Scorsese Presents Restored Print Of La Dolce Vita In Rome

Halloween weekend proved to be a rather hectic one for Martin Scorsese.

Not only was the Val Lewton documentary, Man In The Shadows, which the auteur produced and narrated, play on TCM over the weekend (and if you haven’t seen it, it’s an absolute must-watch if you love yourself some fantastic biographical documentaries), but the director happened to hit Rome over the weekend, with one hell of a gift.

According to The Wrap, Scorsese headed off to Rome on Saturday to premiere his newly restored copy of Federico Fellini’s legendary film, La Dolce Vita.   Digitally restored using a similar process to that of his Red Shoes print restoration, the process took more than 8,000 hours to fully restore the film.

The restoration was sponsored by Gucci, who has a multi-year partnership with Scorsese’s The Film Foundation.   No announcement has been made regarding what the release of this new print will or won’t be like, but at this point, I would have to imagine that it will be getting some sort of a release, be it DVD/Blu-ray, or maybe even theatrically, in a similar fashion to The Red Shoes.

All I do know, is that this is one film I’d love to see hit the collection.   It’s a fantastic film, and one that has been able to stand the test of time.   Hopefully we’ll get to see this one sooner or later.

Source: The Wrap