Martin Scorsese Thinks His Past Work Would Look Great In 3D

As he waits for his first 3D effort, Hugo, to hit theaters, it appears as though someone named Martin Scorsese has been drinking the Kool-Aid pumped out by that much talked about format.

In the face of various naysayers Scorsese believes that not only is 3D here to stay, but that he kind of wishes he had the format for some of his previous pieces.   The director chatted with the Wall Street Journal, and revealed that he believes that his films like Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, or Raging Bull would have worked well in 3D.

The piece itself is a great read, but these are some of the more interesting bits.   Scorsese found the shoot on Hugo to be problematic, to say the least, so it’s intriguing to see him seem so over the moon for the format.

This bares the question.   Would his work actually, well, work, in 3D? There are certain aspects, particularly his longer tracking shots, that I think would work beautifully in 3D.   The depth that he can get within his frame is really great, and would look wonderful on screen in the format.   However, it remains to be seen as to just what the director can do with the format.   Could The Last Temptation Of Christ see a 3D conversion? Talk about an odd concept.

What do you think?

Source WSJ

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  • I wouldn’t say Scorsese found the shoot problematic- he just had zero experience with it before this, and knew that he’d have to learn fast.

    And looking back at his movies, while you might be able to say, “That shot would have looked good in 3D,” it’s also worth mentioning he would have shot those films slightly differently in 3D than 2D. Given his emotional and artistic sensibilities, I’m sure they would have looked better than we initially could imagine.

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