Michael K Williams Visits The Criterion Collection Closet, Solondz’s Life During Wartime Release Inevitable

Earlier today, Criterion published yet another in their series of jealousy-inducing videos, showing off a celebrity in their legendary closet of DVDs and Blu-rays. This time around they invited the incredible actor, Michael K Williams (Omar from The Wire), to pick out some discs after his tour of the Criterion offices.

Michael K Williams is a fan favorite from the Wire and the recent first season of Boardwalk Empire. Hell, I even cheered when he had his little cameo in the latest Incredible Hulk film. He certainly picks out some amazing films while in the office, and even gives us a brief Chaplin moment. At the rate that Criterion is publishing these closet videos, those shelves are going to be empty soon!

Check out the video:

Now, usually when an actor or director is spotted at the Criterion Collection offices, it’s a sure sign that they’re there to help with the production of a supplement of an upcoming release. While looking through his IMDB credits, you might pick up on the fact that Williams was recently in the Todd Solondz film, Life During Wartime, his quasi-sequel to Happiness.

Life During Wartime was distributed theatrically by IFC last year, and it seems like today’s video confirms that something is going on. I missed the theatrical run of the film, but based on the trailer and clips that I’m embedding below, I can’t wait to see this in the Criterion Collection.

Here is the description from IFC:

Part sequel, part variation on his acclaimed and controversial HAPPINESS, the newest film from celebrated director Todd Solondz (WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, PALINDROMES) assembles an amazing ensemble cast including Allison Janney, Shirley Henderson, Paul Reubens, Michael Kenneth Williams, Alley Sheedy, Charlotte Rampling, and Ciáran Hinds in an utterly hilarious exploration of the boundaries of forgiveness, family, and love.

Ten years have passed since shocking revelations shattered the world of the Jordan family, and now sisters Joy (Henderson), Trish (Janney), and Helen (Sheedy), each embroiled in their own unique dilemmas, struggle to find their place in an unpredictable and volatile world. The past now haunts their family both literally and otherwise, and jeopardizes the future. Alternately hilarious and tragic, outrageous and poignant, LIFE DURING WARTIME is an audacious comedy with unexpected resonance.

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  • It would be odd if they released Wartime without Happiness. I suppose you could pair Palindromes and Dollhouse together as well. The box could be shaped like a tuna sandwich. You know… for kids

  • While I would like this release and its IFC so it makes sense but wasn’t Bill Hader going through the Criterion closet recently and I highly doubt we’ll get anything from his IMDB resume into the collection.

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