Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Talks Company’s Future, Including 3-D Streaming, Video Games And Competition

Lots of stuff is going on in the world of Netflix, so let’s just dive right the hell into it.

CEO Reed Hastings recently spoke to investors following the release of the company’s fourth quarter earnings data on Wednesday, and had quite a collection of interesting topics to speak on.   First up, the iconoclastic executive revealed that ‘we don’t plan to market the DVD service anymore,’ proving once and for all that the company is looking at streaming as their number one priority.

As far as the streaming itself goes, Hastings spoke on the idea of 3-D streaming, which unlike video game rentals, sounds like a distinct possibility.   Currently offering 3-D Blu-rays as a possible rental, they are ‘looking at’ possible 3-D streaming options, which he reveals they are not doing, when it comes to video game rentals.

And with physical subscriptions declining quarter-to-quarter, the company is slowly expecting to see a great deal of competition arise as more groups branch out into online streaming, particularly Amazon.   At $79 per year for the ‘˜Prime’ service, Amazon offers a really solid price point (clocking in far under Netflix’s roughly $96 mark per year), and despite having a smaller library, they do have the added advantage of also including free two-day shipping on any physical orders made through the site proper.

Overall, there is a lot to be seen when it comes to the company, particularly following in the Qwikster debacle.   They’ve lost a little bit of market share to the various upstarts who given the right landscape, would be more than willing to take even more from the giant.   What do you think?

Source  LA Times

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  • Amazon Prime streaming would be awesome, although to date they seem to be working with a “let’s make the variety and availability our content worse than Netflix streaming!” ethos.

  • Agreed.  I am of the thinking however, that if a company were to be a “Netflix killer,” Amazon would be it.  Not only is the price point cheaper, but with the free shipping on orders for subscribers, Amazon’s deal is really great.  Just need more content, and more availability. 

  • As much as I love my Netflix, I would welcome more competition. That will only make things better for everyone, and there’s the remote possibility that someone will come up with something better. We don’t need a cable TV world where most people only have one choice, two if they’re lucky. Streaming is the future of media, and I dream of the day when every movie ever made is available to everyone at anytime at the click of a button. Then the only problem will be what the hell to watch, a problem I’m already dealing with.

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