Netflix CFO Admits To Streaming Flaws

No matter how much I unabashedly love the genius team of people behind Neflix, even the most blind acolyte of the video rental/streaming giant will admit that their streaming service isn’t quite the strongest that it really could be.

Even the very people involved with it know this.

According to Studio Briefing, Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy spoke at an investor’s conference in Chicago, and said that the streaming side of their brand isn’t quite living up to potential.

Now, while I don’t really agree with him all that much, as they have a massive collection of films that I absolutely adore (I currently have a full queue, if that means anything), I do understand where the idea is coming from. Yes, they have 30 or 40 plus Criterion releases. However, they also have a lot of less beloved films, and small indies that don’t quite deserve the title of Watch Instant viewable. This leaves the company in a conundrum.

McCarthy said that they could lower costs by moving to streaming only, but would also lose quite a lot of profits as the subscribers who have larger subscriptions would move to lower subscriptions that would still give them unlimited streaming.

So what is one to do? Personally, I hope more and more films make their way to Watch Instant, particularly those from the Collection, and while I expect that to happen, I don’t see it in any massive release. I see them coming in slow bursts like they are now, with other films leaving the service. At least for now.

What do you think?

Source: Studio Briefing

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  • netflix could add every movie ever made and i would still not use their streaming services to watch a film unless i was absolutely desperate. those of us who do not have the fastest of the fast when it comes to internet service or computers don't really get much love from netflix. the films don't buffer well, and if they do, then the buffer will die at the slightest hiccup and start over, which often just reduces the viewing quality and causes too sporadic of an experience..

    someday, the service is going to be reliable for EVERYONE, and then i shall use it often and love it.

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