Netflix vs Redbox – The Infographic Battle

I am not one to post infographics, hell, I actually think the idea of writing a story about them is rather lame, but given the excuse to proclaim the brilliance that is Neflix, it’s all the same.

According to a new infographic from Hacking Netflix, the comparison economically of Netflix and rival Redbox is quite clear, and clearly in Netflix’s corner.

The picture shows that during 2008, 2009 and the first quarter of 2010, Netflix’s revenue is over double that of Redbox, with 2008’s revenue being over four times that of Redbox. Hell, even rental stores like Blockbuster held more share of the market (36%) than Redbox’s kiosks (19%).

Sure, this is a complete damnation of the company, but no matter the extent that Redbox seems to go to try and quell the monster that is Netflix, it doesn’t seem to work. Throw in the recent announcement that despite an uptick in kiosk numbers, the company’s costs are causing a downturn in profits, things aren’t looking as bright for the red box as one would really hope.

Source: Hacking Netflix

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  • $30 on dvd really way to skew to results……. redbox is great if you watch less the 10 “New” movies a month. Netflix is great for old movies and streaming and if you watch and return which still means you only get to watch 8-9 movies a month

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