New Trailer For Assayas’ Epic Carlos The Jackal Biopic From IFC

Talk about following up a film like Summer Hours.

Thanks to IFC, we have a new trailer for Olivier Assayas’ latest film, the five hour epic known as Carlos.   The film, which has been making the rounds on the festival circuit to much admiration, tells the true life tale of one of the world’s most well known terrorists/revolutionaries, Carlos The Jackal.   It stars Edgar Ramirez as the film’s titular character.

Carlos is set to hit theaters and IFC’s on-demand service sometime this fall, and while I’m not at all a fan of the music used during this new trailer, I do have to say, visually the film looks absolutely striking.   Coming after the rather subtle and subdued film that is the wonderfully poetic and Bergman-esque mortality tale that is Summer Hours, this looks to be quite a different step for Assayas.   It looks great, looks to feature top notch performances, and coming from IFC, I can’t help but wonder that this may follow in the footsteps of something like Che, as a Criterion Collection release.

Source: IFC

Joshua Brunsting

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  • Sumer Hours quickly become a favorite of mine. I am VERY eager to see this film and the new direction Assayas has taken. Che was wonderful too.