Olivier Assayas’ Something In The Air Picked Up By IFC

With Summer Hours already a member of The Criterion Collection, and his latest effort Carlos set to see a release sometime soon, director Olivier Assayas is not only a Criterion favorite, but also a favorite of distributor IFC.

And now, according to Cineurope (via The Playlist), IFC has picked up the rights to Assayas’ next film, Something In The Air.

The film, a social/political drama, is ‘set in the chaos of the early 1970s and centers on a high-school student trying to find his way in life, between the left wing’s drift towards violence, the maze of an unattainable revolution and his doubts about a troubled artistic vocation.’ The film will be a French language film, with English as well as Italian tossed in for good measure.

As a fan of both Carlos and Summer Hours, as well as much of Assayas’ complete filmography, this is definitely an intriguing project.   I think his hands are perfect to mold a political drama within, and this sounds like it could be a perfect project to do that.   It goes without saying that this is at the top of Criterion’s wish list, at least based on their past relationship with Assayas, so a release should be impending, with a likely debut at Cannes of next year being sought after.

Source: Cineurope / The Playlist


  • Sounds like a fantastic concept for a movie. If it’s anywhere as good as the magnificent Carlos, then consider me already sold. I can’t wait for the Criterion release for Carlos – the historical supplements (perhaps even that documentary from which they got most of the historical footage seen throughout the series), commentary, booklet and other special features alone make it a must-buy for any fan.

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