Safety Last! And The Films Of Pierre Etaix To Screen At The Film Forum In New York

Etaix Lloyd Framed

In anticipation of their upcoming releases in the Collection, Safety Last! and the Films of Pierre Etaix will have a five-day run at New York’s Film Forum later this month via Janus Films.

The Harold Lloyd comedy, directed by Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, screens in DCP from April 26th to April 30th far ahead of its June 18th Criterion release date. I haven’t seen the film, but this will give myself and other lucky New Yorkers the perfect opportunity to see the new 90th anniversary restoration for the first time, and if you already consider the film an old favorite then you get the chance to see it looking better than it’s ever looked before. The silent film’s accompaniment is the 1989 score by composer Carl Davis that’s included as the prime music option on the Criterion edition.

Despite the Criterion release coming out on April 23rd, Film Forum will be showing all four of Etaix’s features and three of his shorts in new 35mm prints between April 26th and April 30th as well. Film Forum previously showed the restored collection of films late last year, but the presentation was cut short due to Hurricane Sandy and they’ve decided to bring them back.

Here’s the complete schedule:

Yoyo on Friday, April 26th and Saturday, April 27th

The Suitor, screening with the short film Rupture, on Sunday, April 28th

As Long As You’re Healthy, screening with the short film Feeling Good, on Monday, April 29th

Le Grand Amour, screening with the short film Happy Birthday, on Tuesday April 30th

This is a great opportunity to see some upcoming Criterion comedies on the big screen, so if you live in New York definitely try to check them out.

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