Starz Not Renewing Partnership With Netflix

Netflix really can’t catch a break.

With Hulu nipping at its heels and the recent price increase not making them too beloved with their fanbase, Netflix has lost another battle, this time with one of its biggest players, Starz.   The network has announced that when their Netflix deal is up on February 28, 2012, that will be the end for their partnership.

The company gave Netflix films from the likes of Disney and Cony, and was overall one of Netflix’s biggest team members.   Now, with Netflix seeing their stock drop 9% in after-hours trading post-announcement, this is proving to be one of the biggest deal breakers the company is having to overcome in quite some time.   Personally, I didn’t have many of these films in my queue in the first place, so it’s not huge on my side, but given the popularity of some films this deal had within it, it could prove to be a major problem.

This is definitely something we’ll be keeping an eye on.   What do you think?

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  • Netflix
    would have had better responses had they implemented a steady price increase
    over time. To have a huge increase like that, and then announce a big
    programming provider like Starz would be going away was a big incentive for
    customers to find alternatives. I found a better movie service through my
    provider DISH Network called the Blockbuster Movie Pass. For $10 a month, I get
    streaming to my computer or TV along with over 20 channels added to my lineup.
    Also, I get DVDs, Blu-Rays, and videogames in the mail and in store. Whether or
    not I work for DISH, I would still have the Blockbuster Movie
    Pass because it’s that
    good. My experience has shown me that it has so much to offer DISH Network
    customers. Since it also has Starz programming included, it is like Starz never
    left my TV!

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