Steven Soderbergh Shooting Liberace Biopic With Michael Douglas After Contagion

If there is a more prolific filmmaker alive than one Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Schizopolis, Che), I’d really like to know about him or her, because they should probably take a break.

The constantly at work filmmaker, with his next film Haywire set to hit in 2011, has apparently found the film he will be working on next, and it’s one of the films fans of Soderbergh have been clammering for for some time now.

According to an interview with Michael Douglas (Traffic), Soderbergh will be shooting his much anticipated Liberace biopic, simply titled Liberace, as his next film.   The director is currently shooting his virus thriller, Contagion, so this will follow that equally talked about project.   The interview is an absolute must-read, so while this news is great and all (I’ll get more to that in a minute), please   take some time to dig through that interview.   It’s fantastic.

Not only will the film be shooting next, but Douglas, the film’s lead (he will be joined by Matt Damon in the film), has revealed that the role will make him undergo musical training, and even force the actor to wear prosthetics.

Personally, being the massive fan of Soderbergh that I am, I could not be more excited about this news.   His Liberace project has been one that I have been anxiously waiting for for some time now, really ever since it was announced.   At the clip that Soderbergh works, we can, thankfully, expect this one sometime in 2012.   Maybe a double dip that year with both Contagion and Liberace? One can only hope.

Source: THR

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