Terrence Malick Shooting Two Films Back To Back In 2012

Someone finally found themselves a reason to keep on working.

While it has remained to be seen as to just how soon we’ll be seeing his next film, a project being lovingly called The Burial, Terrence Malick is not only set to give us one new project next year, but according to a press release, he’ll be shooting two damn pictures come 2012.

First, the director has been hard at work on a new film entitled Lawless (not to be confused with the Ben Affleck starring romance he’s got in the can, which is the aforementioned Burial), which became much talked about after the director and the film’s star, Christian Bale, showed up at this year’s Austin City Limits music festival.   Now we know that the film will also star Ryan Gosling, Haley Bennett and Rooney Mara, and at this point, that is literally all that we know about this project.

And then there is a film called Knight Of Cups.   Also starring Bale and Cate Blanchett (who apparently also has a role in Lawless), the film will star Isabel Lucas, and other than a loose connection to a tarot card that represents contradictions, there is absolutely nothing we know about this project.

So yes. While it is impossible to know what either of these films is about, or when we will exactly see them, both projects are definitely set to shoot, back to back, sometime next year.   And frankly, that is all I need to know to get excited.   Malick is one of the film world’s most gifted members, so hopefully these projects will be half as inventive or have as intellectually stimulating as his last film, Tree of Life.

What do you think?

Source: indieWIRE

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  • having worked with him on Tree of Life I feel he is determined and focused as anyone I’ve ever meant. the Tree of Life project simmered in the back creative corner of his mind for so long, what we got may have differed from his original intent however grandiose it had become upon release. having that behind him I can imagine his embrace of new projects with aplomb enthusiasm and a giddy excitement in that there is no burden, nor history of concept to a digital finality on the big silver screen. striking out a bit light in foot and fresh of mind, the man is capable of a creative zenith unmatched and never imagined or considered by another. hark the heralded auteur rolls the celluloid reels. I welcome his verve. 

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