The Auteurs Rebrand Themself As Mubi

When you think of the best of the best in the world of film, the first word that comes to mind is auteur. The word is used to deem the very best and the utmost original and singular filmmakers throughout the world of film, and has also become the go to network for the deepest lovers of film.

However, the website The Auteurs, started by MIT and Stanford grad Efe Cakarel is hoping to make a new name for themselves, and it’s one that seems to have come out of nowhere. The site will now be known as Mubi, and the hope is to bring the site’s user numbers into the millions.

Currently, the site has over 260,000 registered users, and along with people like Criterion and Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation, has not only been able to connect film lovers with other people of their ilk, but have also been able to bring classic films to the public. Criterion staples like Lars von Trier have seen success on the site, with his film Dancer in the Dark currently being able to be seen in 150 different countries, all on this one site.

The title does have a meaning behind it. According to Thompson on Hollywood, the word movie is often mispronounced around the world, particularly with dialects that have trouble with or don’t have at all, the letter v. However, the real meaning behind it is that it’s a city in Nigeria, and Cakarel hopes that the site will help make that city the go to place for any film lover.

While the title change came out of nowhere, hopefully the site will only continue to grow from here. I’m currently a member of the site, and have loved every second of it. It’s really a fantastic outlet for any true lover of film to get in touch with others with similar tastes, and hopefully more people will get into this networking site. You guys have no idea what you’ve been missing.

Source: Thompson On Hollywood

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