The Barnes & Noble / Criterion Collection 50% Off Sale Has Begun

It’s finally here! Easily one of the most often asked questions that we get on Twitter, Facebook, or via email, is “when is the next Barnes & Noble Criterion Collection 50% off sale?” We can now safely say that the answer to this question is: right now!

In case you weren’t paying attention to our Twitter stream, our Facebook page, or our Tumblr blog last night, the Barnes and Noble / Criterion Collection 50% off sale has begun online, and in stores. These sales typically last a few weeks, but we don’t have a definitive end date yet, as far as I know. I’ve heard rumors that the sale will end on August 1st, but no one has confirmed this to my satisfaction.

If your local store doesn’t have much in the way of Criterion DVDs or Blu-rays, you’ll find a really nice selection online, including a few out of print titles. I’ve heard horror stories about delayed shipping and canceled orders during past sales, but so far I’m very pleased with how quickly I was told that my order was shipping, as I had placed it late last night once the discounted prices were in effect.

If you don’t know what to get, I’m linking to the various titles below, if you click on their corresponding cover art. You can also find our recent post, in which we discuss our favorite releases of 2011 so far.

The sale isn’t like’s sales, where the prices could fluctuate at any given moment. A strict 50% off of available titles (you can’t order anything past the July titles and expect to get the discount) in stores and online. There are a couple coupon codes that I’ve found: J3M9D8K will give you an additional 10% off your entire order, and T9P8A9P will give you an additional 15% off one item. Thanks to all of the folks on the Facebook page who shared those codes.

This post will be stuck to the top of our page for the duration of the sale, and we’ll have that banner on the left hand side (assuming you don’t have adblock turned on). We have an affiliate relationship with Barnes and Noble, so any items that you purchase through our links will go to help out our site (pay for bandwidth, etc).

Barnes and Noble typically only has these sales twice a year, so you’ll have to wait until November before you will see deals like this from them again.

What are you picking up this time around? Leave your wish lists or hauls in our comments below, or feel free to tweet pictures of your piles of discs at our Twitter account.


Ryan Gallagher

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  • How do you get the Online coupons to work (stack) in the designated coupon box on the checkout page, I can only get one to be validated at one time.  I would like to use both the 10% off the entire amount and the 15% off of one item.

  • yea you can’t use both. but some people i’ve heard have been using the 15% on a separate order if they have something more expensive and then another order with all the smaller items and using the 10% for that.

  • I limited myself to $200 and got 10 blu rays

    The Great Dictator
    Black Moon
    beauty and the beast
    the music room
    life during war time
    smiles of a summer night

  • I found a site where you can get coupons for restaurant called “Printapon” they are on all over the news, search online

  • the current B & N Criterion sale is one DVD free with order of two DVDs at full retail which isn’t enough to get my attention. I’ve found the few remaining ones I don’t have and still want from amazon vendors selling off their collections at huge savings and many or most of their stock was never watched being a lot better deal for my budget dollars.