The Museum of the Moving Image Wants You to “Play This Movie Loud!”

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From May 3rd thru June 15th, the Museum of the Moving Image in New York is showing a series of music films entitled “Play This Movie Loud!” that showcases some of Criterion’s best of the genre along with other Criterion-related classics including concert films, documentaries, and real bands in fictional cinema.

The first Criterion-specific title they’re showing is one of the best rock docs ever made, Charlotte Zwerin and the Mayles Brothers’ film Gimme Shelter featuring the Rolling Stones and their notorious 1969 concert at San Francisco’s Altamont Speedway that ultimately came to symbolize the death of the 60s. The film screens on May 11th at 5pm.

Next up is the fictional interpretation of The Who’s seminal 1973 rock opera, Franc Roddam’s rebellious 1979 mods vs. rockers film Quadrophenia. You’ll get to see and hear “I’ve Had Enough,” “5:15,” and “Love Reign O’er Me” on the big screen on May 12th at 5pm.

Hey! Hey! Following that on May 19th at 4pm is Bob Rafelson’s psychedelic and surreal movie Head from 1968 featuring none other than The Monkees deliriously lampooning themselves, the social climate of the 1960s, cinema itself, and much more.

Lastly is the unfortunately-out-of-print 1972 reggae classic The Harder They Come. Directed by Perry Henzell and starring Jimmy Cliff, who also provides the iconic soundtrack, the film is about a rural Jamaican who moves to Kingston to pursue his dream of reggae stardom only to become a folk-hero outlaw.

Other films, including selections by or featuring people in the Criterion Collection such as D.A. Pennebaker, Martin Scorsese, David Bowie, Jonathan Demme, and Lars von Trier, round out the series.

The full lineup is below:

The Beatles in Help! – Saturday, May 4 at 5pm

Bob Dylan in Dont Look Back with Daybreak Express – Sunday, May 5 at 4:30pm – with D.A. Pennebaker in person!

David Bowie in Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars – Sunday May 5 at 7pm – Introduced by D.A. Pennebaker!

The Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night – Saturday, May 11 at 2pm and Sunday, May 12 at 2pm

The Rolling Stones in Gimme Shelter – Saturday, May 12 at 5pm

The Who in Quadrophenia – Sunday, May 12 at 5pm

The Band in The Last Waltz – Saturday, May 18 at 6pm and Sunday, May 19 at 6:30pm

The Monkees in Head – Sunday, May 19 at 4pm

Jimmy Cliff in The Harder They Come – Saturday, May 25 at 5pm

The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre in Dig! – Sunday, May 26 at 2pm

Neil Young in Greendale – Sunday, May 26 at 5pm

Radiohead in Meeting People is Easy – Saturday, June 1 at 3pm

David Byrne in True Stories – Saturday, June 8 at 2pm

Talking Heads in Stop Making Sense – Saturday, June 8 at 5pm

Bjork in Dancer in the Dark – Sunday, June 9 at 5pm

Fugazi in Instrument – Saturday, June 15 at 2pm


Just added: U2 in U2 3D – Tuesday, May 7 at 7pm – with a post-film discussion by director Mark Pellington!


Fugazi in Instrument -Friday,  June 7 at 7pm

Sean Hutchinson

Sean lives in the wilds of Brooklyn, NY. He's got a couple fancy schmancy academic degrees in English literature, he's a huge movie fan, and has way too many opinions about both. Follow Sean on Twitter.

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