Time Bandits Remake In The Works

While director Terry Gilliam himself can’t get a project off the ground, it appears as though a remake of one of his classic features has no such issue.

A while back, rumblings of Gilliam considering taking on converting his beloved feature, Time Bandits, was revealed, and now, according to Variety, a full fledged remake of the film may be in the works.

The outlet is reporting that producers Guy Collins and Michael Ryan are currently in talks with a yet-to-be-disclosed Hollywood co-producer to not only remake the film, but in turn actually reboot it into a family friendly action franchise.

Now, it remains to be seen what kind of involvement Gilliam will have with this project, if any at all, but frankly, I don’t know if it really matters all that much.   I’ve actually never seen the film (it’s the sole Gilliam feature that I’ve never seen, oddly enough), but I would imagine that what makes the film such a classic as it is is the features that would be inherent to a Gilliam film.   Bandits looks like a prototypical Gilliam film, absurdities and all, and I doubt that that would ever be able to be transferred into a new franchise.

The story also reveals that The Long Good Friday will be making its way to TV in a brand new series, based off of the classic film. Currently out of print in the Collection, Good Friday was the film that launched the career of Bob Hoskins and also featured a fantastic turn from Helen Mirren.  Don’t know how a TV show could work however.  Hopefully it can live up to the film that inspired it though.

What do you think?

Source: Variety


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  • so…what gives you the right to write an article about a remake of a movie you’ve never seen? what other movie related articles do you write about in which you’ve never seen the material?

  • totally should be remade. i’m excited. i loved the film as a kid myself. i own it on dvd now. please continue to use little people in the cast. that was a smashing idea and it’ll help boost the name of the little people. make sure to use some of the cast members from pit boss on animal planet. they deserve it!

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