Trailer For Steven Soderbergh’s Spalding Gray Documentary, And Everything Is Going Fine, Hits

While we still don’t have a high definition version of the Tree Of Life to ooh and aah over quite yet, Apple and IFC have released the trailer for the latest Steven Soderbergh project.

Thanks to Apple, we have the first trailer for Soderbergh’s upcoming Spalding Gray documentary (and a shortly rumored member of the Criterion Collection), And Everything is Going Fine. And is it ever something.

The film looks at the life and work of the legendary performer, who is best known for films like Monster In A Box, and of course, Gray’s Anatomy, the latter of which was actually directed by the Schizopolis director.   Spalding was a father, a husband, and ultimately died by suicide, which led his widow to ask Soderbergh to helm a documentary based on the late legend’s historic life.   More so a tribute than a documentary, the film not only seems to lovingly look at Gray, but do so in one of the more introspective and poetic ways that we’ve seen from Soderbergh.   He seems to be on a new level here, and instead of focusing on style, focuses his attention on tone.   It is an absolutely breathtaking trailer, and one that you should definitely check out.

The film hits theaters on December 10.

Source: Apple

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