Vincent Cassel To Star In Costa-Gavras’ Le Capital

It’s a pretty good week to be Vincent Cassel.

Following the announcement that he would be starring in the awesomely titled sequel Dobermann 2: Arm Wrestle (sequel to Dobermann, a crime film starring Cassel), Cineurope has revealed that the actor will be starring in a new film, Le Capital.   The kicker? It’s a financial drama being helmed by Costa-Gavras (Missing, Z).

The film is based off of a novel by Stephane Osmont, and will be ‘a behind-the-scenes look at the higher echelons of the banking world, where the thirst for money and power is masked as managerial rationality. Here we move in the circles of the economic elite and the international jet set between Paris, London, New York, Davos and Tokyo, basking in the artificial paradise of drugs, the artificial images of the Internet, the artificial bubble of fleeting fortunes, the artificial time of different time zones and artificial sex fueled by wild fantasies.’ Think Babel meets Inside Job, by the man behind films like Z and Missing.

As a fan of Costa-Gavras and his canon, the team of Gavras and Cassel is definitely an exciting one.   I think Cassel is one of today’s most interesting actors, and Gavras is an equally intriguing filmmaker.   One of a cavalcade of financial dramas, this is far and away the most exciting project to come down the pipeline, so here’s to hoping it can live up to the hype.

What do you think?

Source: Cineurope / The Playlist

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