Wacky New Year’s Drawing Hints At The Criterion Collection 2013 Line-Up

Happy New Year everyone! As usual, Criterion just unveiled their annual Wacky New Years Drawing.

We’ll try to break down what the various pieces might mean, and I’ll turn the comments on for this post, if you’d like to chime in. I’ll be updating this post throughout the day, so check back in if it looks like something is missing.

If you’re curious about the drawings in the past, here are some links:

2010 – Criterion.com / CriterionCast.com

2011 – Criterion.com / CriterionCast.com

2012 – Criterion.com / CriterionCast.com



Our Guesses

A. Harold Lloyd – Safety Last

B. 3:10 To Yuma

C. Roman Polanski’s The Tenant

D. Robert Aldrich’s Autumn Leaves / Autumn Sonata

E. Chaplin’s The Circus / Fellini’s La Strada / Pierre Etaix

F. Repo Man? 

G. Scanners

H. Gate Of Hell

I. The Devil’s Backbone / Lord Of The Flies

J. Babette’s Feast

K. Oshima’s Boy

L. David Lynch’s Eraserhead

M. The Professional / Le Samourai / Chaplin’s The Kid / Cage Aux Folles

Here are the past year’s drawings:

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