Wes Anderson To Shoot New Film In Spring 2011 [Updated]

[Update: The Playlist is now reporting that the title of the film will be “Moonrise Kingdom“, based on Production Weekly.]

After hitting the film world like an engaging, full of life sack of bricks last year with his wonderful animated film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, we finally have some news on what Wes Anderson  (Rushmore, Bottle Rocket, Darjeeling Limited, Royal Tenenbaums, Life  Aquatic)  will be doing to follow that film up.

Production Weekly has tweeted out that the filmmaker will be shooting his next film in the spring of 2011, and that there have been casting calls sent for a boy and a girl, aged 12, for the film’s lead roles.

Now, the project itself has yet to be announced, but it does sound like he’ll be continuing his trip through the world of more kid related projects, which if Mr. Fox was any hint, may show to be the auteur’s strongest streak yet.  It should go without saying that Anderson is one of today’s most interesting filmmakers, and it will be rather intriguing to see what he can do with a more kid oriented project, within the live action realm.   I can’t imagine his style would shit much going back to the world of live action filmmaking, seeing as how Mr. Fox was about as Wes Anderson as a Wes Anderson film can get.   He’s only growing more assured with his filmmaking, which makes this project one that I’m waiting for with baited breath.

What about you?

Source: Production Weekly

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