Yoji Yamada’s ‘Tokyo Story’ Remake Moving Forward Towards A March Shoot

Some films are perfect for a remake.   Be it a schlocky ‘˜70s B-movie in need of a sleazy new update or a long lost gem that could use a new version.   However, one film that’s been awaiting a remake/homage is the iconic Yasujiro Ozu film, ‘˜Tokyo Story.’

Known as ‘˜Tokyo Kazoku,’ the film was originally slated to shoot in March of last year, with director Yoji Yamada behind the camera.   Well, now a year later, it looks as though things finally might be moving forward.

Studio Shochiku is currently at the EFM attempting to sell the film, which was delayed due to the earthquake which ravaged Japan last year.   The plan is to get the film ready to shoot sometime this March, and currently has Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yu Aoi, Yui Natsukawa and Masahiko Nishimura.   It has been described as a ‘contemporary take on Ozu’s classic about Japanese family life.’

Personally, as a huge fan of the original film, I’m pensive about the aspects of a remake, but a story like this could be really interesting to see compared to its source material.   Life in Japan has obviously changed since the days of Ozu, so a modern look into Japanese family life could be quite enlightening.

What do you think?

Source ScreenDaily

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