The Criterion Completion Hour 1

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Criterion Completion Hour!

About the hour:

Give a listen as Keith Enright explains what this is all about and what you can expect to hear on this monthly missive. Keith will explain what it means to be a Criterion Completionist and how you can define the terms for yourself to be compliant in whatever definition of complete works for you.

Then a fun conversation with Ryan Gallagher as Keith and he explore the history of CriterionCast since 2009.

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Next hour on the podcast: Spinal Destination

Keith Enright


  • Keith, Nice job on your first episode. Here’s wishing you many more. And Ryan, it’s always a pleasure to hear you talking Criterion.

    I have a completion question that I don’t know if you would like to answer now, or maybe address in a future episode. I am not a completist, but have been collecting Criterion going back to the Laser Disc days. I rarely use my Laser Discs anymore and have upgraded all of those discs to blu-ray (unfortunately, not all as Criterion. Examples such as Wizard of Oz and Invasion of the Body Snatchers). Is there a site or group, other than something like ebay, for completist who may be looking for the Criterion Laser Discs. I’d just as soon get them in the hands of someone who would truly appreciate them, than just a dealer trying to make money off of them.

    Thank you both

  • Alan-

    Thank you very much for the input and kind words! Please come join The Criterion Completion Facebook Group. There’s at least a half dozen of us that would be very interested in your Laser Discs.