Episode 108 – Our Favorite Criterion Collection Releases Of 2011

In Episode 108, the crew discusses their favorite 3 Criterion Collection releases of 2011. We are joined by David Blakeslee, David Ehrlich, and Josh Brunsting.

Here are our picks:


3. Carlos
2. Island Of Lost Souls
1. Great Dictator


3. Great Dictator
2. Sweet Smell Of Success
1. Blow Out


3. Topsy-Turvy
2. Zazie Dans Le Metro
1. Great Dictator

Josh Brunsting

3. People On Sunday
2. Music Room
1. The Times Of Harvey Milk

David Blakeslee

3. Senso
2. Fish Tank
1. The Times of Harvey Milk

David Ehrlich

3. Pale Flower
2. Broadcast News
1. Jean Vigo

Ryan Gallagher

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  • The Podcast is awesome! Thanks so much for doing it. I really love these best of the year-media round-up type shows, I get a lot of good ideas listening to what everyone is watching. For instance I wouldn’t have known about Louis C.K’s shows which I love. Most of all thanks for being intelligent, respectful critics and not fratboy douchebagcast specializing in being obnoxious and tearing everything down. Have a great holiday and I hope you get tons of blu-rays.

  • Fantastic job, guys! It’s awesome and really entertaining to hear about all of your favorite picks from the past year, and you all cover a nicely diverse cross-section of films. Now I’m totally inspired to go check out some of the ones I haven’t yet seen – Senso and The Times of Harvey Milk among them. Many thanks and happy holidays!

    P.S. I’ll just throw in my own personal Top Three of the year:
    1. The Complete Jean Vigo
    2. The Music Room
    3. Fish Tank