Episode 154 – Criterion Blu-ray Upgrade Wish List For 2015

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This time on the podcast, Ryan is joined by David Blakeslee and James McCormick to discuss their most wanted Criterion Collection Blu-ray upgrades for the coming year.

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Past Wish List Episodes

Ryan’s picks

  1. Indiscretion Of An American Wife / Terminal Station
  2. Elevator To The Gallows
  3. Death Of A Cyclist
  4. Burden Of Dreams
  5. The Killers

David’s picks

  1. The River
  2. Three Films by Hiroshi Teshigahara
  3. Ugetsu
  4. Bicycle Thieves
  5. Summertime

James’ picks

  1. Le Samourai
  2. Carnival of Souls/Most Dangerous Game
  3. The Lady Eve
  4. The Friends of Eddie Coyle
  5. The Thief of Bagdad


Music for the show is from Bobby Roberts’ Geek Remixed project.

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