Episode 57.5 – Disc 2 – On The Screen and Listener Feedback

Disc 2 episodes are bonus/supplement episodes of The CriterionCast. Rudie Obias, Ryan Gallagher, & James McCormick ramble on and on about movies and movie experiences. ‘On The Screen’ is where they discuss anything and everything that has been on their screens in the week. So anything from TV & movies to music & web junk, everything ‘On The Screen’ is up for grabs. This is what they recommend to you, their listeners.

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Our next episode they will highlight and discuss film CC #431, The Thief of Bagdad.

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The Thief of Bagdad

Show Notes:

(00:00 – 00:30; The Warner Archive Collection)

(00:31 – 00:42; “Rush Apart” by The Rural Alberta Advantage)

(00:43 – 01:53; The CriterionCast – Episode 057.5 – Disc 2)


(01:54 – 09:23; DOC NYC Film Festival – Rudie Obias)

(09:24 – 14:04; Frankenstein – James McCormick)

(14:05 – 16:54; The Lost Boys – James McCormick)

(16:55 – 23:34; The Pacific on HBO – Ryan Gallagher)

(23:35 – 31:59; Metropolis – Ryan Gallagher)

(32:00 – 32:28; The Warner Archive Collection)

(32:29 – 41:51; Listener Feedback: In Defense of Jean-Luc Godard)


(41:52 – 42:51; Wrap Up, Contact Info & Goodbyes)

(42:52 – 43:04; Next – Next – The Thief of Bagdad – CC #431)

(43:04 – 43:14; Goodbyes)

(43:15 – 44:11; “Tidal Wave” by The Apples In Stereo)

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  • Thanks for reading my feedback on Godard. Just to be clear, I don’t think you should bow down before Godard and like every movie he makes, only that you shouldn’t tell him to stop making movies because you don’t appreciate them. If you had just critiqued the film and not made the broader points I don’t think anyone would have too many complaints. Marc from Seoul

  • Hey guys I just listened to this episode yesterday and was amused by the references to Giorgio Moroder’s 80’s synth-pop soundtrack and colorization of Metropolis. I think I have a copy of the VHS of that version somewhere in my storage. I’ll have to dig it up and see if it’s still in that crate of old tapes. If I find it, I’ll be happy to burn copies to DVD if anyone’s interested.

    I remember when that came out, it sounded like an interesting idea at the time but wow did it turn out lame! (Even though his treatment of the film has its defenders, much to my amazement.) Moroder actually has a decent track record as a disco producer (I Feel Love and Love to Love You Baby, two great Donna Summer hits) and earned an Academy Award for his Midnight Express soundtrack. And as I research him a bit more, I see that he produced Flashdance…What a Feeling and Take My Breath Away from Top Gun! Corny tunes but still pretty iconic for their times. But I think Metropolis is where his ambitions totally got beyond his control. Messing with Fritz Lang is never an advisable move!

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