Four More Fan-Made “For Criterion Consideration” / “Three Reasons” Videos

A couple weeks back I shared the Three Reasons / For Criterion Consideration mash-up videos that Robert of Primolandia Productions had sent us. Robert has sent us three more videos that he created, highlighting some more films that he thinks should be included in the Criterion Collection. What’s really special about a couple of the videos below is that he even chose to create videos for The Long Goodbye, which James wrote about a few months ago, as well as Titicut Follies, directed by Frederick Wiseman (who was written about by Catherine).

I’m embedding the videos from Vimeo below, as well as one from our friend “Ray the Squirrel” in which he gives three reasons why the Wachowski Bros 1996 film, Bound, should be a part of the Criterion Collection.

What do you think of these videos? We’d love to post your video, if you have a film that you want to create a “Three Reasons” clip of. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Bound (Ray the Squirrel):

Three Reasons: Bound from Ray the Squirrel on Vimeo.

Perfumed Nightmare:

Three Reasons: Perfumed Nightmare from For Criterion Consideration on Vimeo.

The Long Goodbye:

Three Reasons: The Long Goodbye from For Criterion Consideration on Vimeo.

Titcut Follies:

Three Reasons: Titicut Follies from For Criterion Consideration on Vimeo.

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