Episode 169 – Criterion Collection Blu-ray Upgrade Wish List for 2016

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This time on the podcast, Ryan is joined by Scott Nye, David Blakeslee, Mark Hurne and Trevor Berrett to present their Blu-ray upgrade wish lists for 2016.

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  • I saw like 3 minutes of Wise Blood on TV somewhat recently and was really intrigued!
    Honestly when I look at Melville’s and Godard’s page on the Criterion website it makes me sad and upset because most of those titles are out of print and for the ones that are not OOP they are mostly DVD. And their films are so good!
    I have put off buying The Adventures of Antoine Doinel box set for as long as I’ve known about Criterion which is about 3 years. That is my #1 choice for an upgrade! Yes! And keep the packaging and all those supplements! Same with the Six Moral Tales by Eric Rohmer!
    I feel like with Chantal Akerman’s passing Criterion will try to work on an upgrade and more of her films onto the collection (but maybe that’s just me being hopeful).
    I bought Persona earlier this year and it was the first Bergman film I saw and I loved it! It’s one of my favorite movies now. Anyway, since I hadn’t seen any of his films (besides that one) I decided I am going to watch him films in chronological order. It should be interesting and there are so many of his films from Criterion and it would be so great to get them all on blu-ray as I go through his filmography :) I also got the Early Bergman Eclipse set during the next sale after I bought Persona.
    I actually have a list on my Criterion account on their website called “Upgrades Please!” because I try to put off buying DVDs because I have the worst luck with getting a DVD and then Criterion announcing an upgrade for that title!
    While I’m making this comment, does anyone know what is happening with Pandora’s Box? Is it going out of print or is it being upgraded, or do we not know…?