The Newsstand – Episode 51 – The March 2016 Criterion Collection Line-up and the Wacky New Year’s Drawing

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This month on the Newsstand, Ryan is joined by David Blakeslee, Scott Nye and Aaron West to discuss the March 2016 Criterion Collection line-up, the wacky New Year’s drawing, as well as the latest in Criterion rumors, news, packaging, and more.

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  • Criterion Close-Up joining the network
  • The 2016 Wacky New Year’s Drawing
  • The March 2016 Line-up
  • Chimes at Midnight from Janus Films
  • Recent Hulu, iTunes, Amazon and Fandor additions
  • Tampopo
  • New Phantom Pages (Klimov, Bondarchuk, Lerner, Dovzhenko)
  • Blu-ray only releases upcoming in 2016: Hidden Fortress, City Lights, Tokyo Story.
  • Haskell Wexler and Vilmos Zsigmond pass away.

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