Wacky New Years Drawing Hints At The Criterion Collection’s 2017 Line-Up

Our annual New Years present from the Criterion Collection has come one day early this year!

As usual, the Criterion Collection New Years Drawing from Jason Polan teases at a number of upcoming releases (announced, rumored, and unknown). I’ll do my best to gather the best guesses in this article, so feel free to comment below.

Here are links to the various drawings from the past few years

Let’s pick it apart below:




A. Candles: Sixteen Candles (John Hughes’ phantom page)

B. Cuban Flag with Musical Notes: Buena Vista Social Club (FilmStruck)

C. Pans: Dheepan

D. Window: _

E. Ghost: Ghost World (see our story from August 2010)

F. Food: Tampopo

G. Woman: Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels (upgrade)

H and I. Corn Stalk and R Head: Stalker (FilmStruck)

J. T Hand: Farewell To Arms (maybe not, according to everyone telling me that both versions are claimed)

K. Flag: See B.

L. Musical Notes: See B.

M and N. Mystery Box and Clock: Mysterious Object at Noon (Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s phantom page)

O. Cesar with a Fanny Pack: The Marseilles Trilogy (Marius, Fanny, and Cesar)

P. S Bride: Marius (part of The Marseilles Trilogy)

Q. Grave stone: They Live By Night

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