Wacky New Years Drawing Hints At The Criterion Collection’s 2018 Line-Up

Our annual New Years present from the Criterion Collection!

As usual, the Criterion Collection New Years Drawing from Jason Polan teases at a number of upcoming releases (announced, rumored, and unknown). I’ll do my best to gather the best guesses in this article, so feel free to comment below.

A huge thanks to Aaron and David for all of their help with this post. Listen to them discuss the Wacky Drawing in this podcast episode.

Here are links to the various drawings from the past few years

Let’s pick it apart below:



Group 1

A. Backwards Hope = The Other Side of Hope
B. Moon + Lady + Flag = Ingmar Bergman Box Set
C. Tree = Tree of Life

Group 2

D. Graduation Hats = Graduation
E. Hills = Beyond the Hills
F. Sliced Fruit = The Color of Pomegranates

Group 3

G. Bullets = Tied to Bowling for Columbine clue?
H. Skeleton = Dead Man
I. Knight with Arrow = Nightcrawler? Lancelot du Lac? Holy Grail? The Conqueror Worm? El Sur?
J. Bowling ball? = Bowling for Columbine? The Big Lebowski?
K. Dog with hat or record = The Awful Truth?

Group 4

L. Truck with film reel = FilmStruck
M. Water flowing from truck = Streaming.
N. Friday text = FilmStruck double feature Friday.
O. Movie Camera Boat = FilmStruck = Meet the Filmmakers.
P. Cow in V = FilmStruck Movie? Moo V.
Q. Tuesday = FilmStruck Short + Feature
R. Man on Inflatable looking at film strip painting = FilmStruck Observations on Film Art, Every Frame a Painting

Group 5

S. Red M and vice = Scarlett Empress
T. Running bottles = Virgin Suicides

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  • Actually, that arrow is a part of the bowling ball aiming for the bullets so Bowling for Columbine? (Oof, that clue is dark even by bad puns standard.)

    And the “knight” one I think might be L’amour (L armor).

    I’m stuck on what B would be (heh) though. Maybe the flag has something to do with the movie’s country of origin? (Looks like the Swedish flag.)

  • The bowling ball goes with the bullets (the arrow pointing from the ball to the bullets). I think it is for Bowling For Columbine.

  • It’s a shame if that whole section turns out to be basically a promotion to interest you in exploring FilmStruck. I’d rather have more clues for new releases. That is; unless that’s all the new releases they have for 2018. The upside of that would be more upgrades for existing titles. I’d be more than happy with that happening.

  • The tree looks similar to the tree in the Another Year poster. I think people are overlooking the specificity of the bareness of the tree.